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Five Ways to Kill your Workers Comp Case

Georgia workers’ compensation laws are designed to help you avoid financial hardship if you get hurt at work. To take advantage of the legal protections available and get the benefits you need, there are certain steps to take.

Unfortunately, many injured workers make mistakes that sometimes end up costing them their right to make a claim. Below, we’ve outlined five ways to kill your Georgia workers’ comp case so you can avoid some common errors.

Because the stakes are very high when it comes to getting your bills covered and obtaining disability income, it is very important that you do everything you can to make a successful claim. A Savannah workers’ compensation lawyer at Parson’s Law Group can help. Call today for your free consultation and to learn how a legal advocate can help you avoid workers’ comp mistakes.

Five Ways to Kill Your Georgia Workers’ Comp Case

Here are five things to be sure to avoid when you get hurt at work, as these errors can kill your case and may make it impossible for you to get a legitimate work injury claim paid.

  1. Don’t report the injury. When you don’t alert your employer to the injury, this opens the door for the insurer to deny that you got hurt or to deny that the harm happened at work. Delaying a report can delay the processing of your claim, lead to a longer investigation or-- in the worst-case scenario-- result in you receiving no benefits at all.
  2. Trust your employer will take care of you. Your employer makes a claim with a workers’ compensation insurer when you get hurt. The insurer cares about its bottom line and not your health. Your employer may also want to avoid giving you work injury benefits. Of course, even well-meaning employers may not know the laws and may not follow the right process to get you benefits. The bottom line is, your financial future may depend on a successful work injury claim and you need to have a legal advocate who knows the rules and who can advise you on protecting your rights.
  3. Don’t give information to your doctor. If you go to get medical help and don’t tell your doctor that your injury happened at work, your injury may not be properly documented. You need to provide information on where and how your injury happened so the medical report can include the connection to your job. Otherwise, the insurance company may question whether you actually were harmed while performing work duties. You also don’t want to downplay the severity of your symptoms or you may not get full benefits. Be sure to tell your doctor everything that is wrong.
  4. Go to an employer’s work injury clinic. You have the right to select from a doctor from a Panel of Physicians that your employer must provide. You should be sure that you have a choice of doctors on this list and that the medical professionals are qualified. If your employer does not provide a panel of company doctors, you can choose your own physician to treat you. A company clinic may not be able to provide the specialized care or accurate diagnosis you need. Your health is most important and if you have concerns about your medical help, contact a Savannah work injury lawyer. At Parsons & Associates, P.C. we know the reputation of most doctors throughout the state of Georgia and we can give you advice on who can best treat your condition.
  5. Don’t file forms with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. When you report an injury to an employer, your employer has to file a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Don’t just trust your employer did this, or you could end up getting denied benefits or losing legal protections. You should file the forms yourself or check with the State Board to make sure the paperwork has been done.

A Savannah workers’ compensation lawyer at Parsons & Associates, P.C. can assist you in avoiding these mistakes and in avoiding other potential pitfalls that could cost you. Call today to speak with an attorney who can help throughout your work injury case.

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