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Fault in Atlanta Workers Comp Claims

Injured victims are sometimes entitled to compensation after an accident. In most cases, the victim needs to prove fault or show that someone was negligent in order to be able to receive monetary damages. However, this is not true after a work injury.

You should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia regardless of who was at fault for you getting hurt. If your injury happened while you were doing your job, you should be covered. Unfortunately, sometimes legitimate claims are denied or other problems arise in getting benefits. In these cases, an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at Parsons & Associates, P.C. can provide you with the legal help you need to have the best chance of making a successful claim.

Call Parsons & Associates, P.C. today to schedule a free evaluation of your work injury case and to get answers to important questions including:

  • Can I get benefits for a work injury even if my employer wasn’t responsible?
  • Can I still make a workers’ comp clam even if I was to blame for my own injury?
  • How can an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer help with my claim?
Can I get Benefits for a Work Injury Even if my Employer Wasn’t Responsible?

Workers compensation is what’s known as a strict liability system. Victims of workplace injuries are not required to prove any negligence on the part of employers under this system. Instead, whenever any illness or injury is caused by work, a worker is entitled to receive workers’ comp regardless of how careful an employer may have been.

Can I still Make a Workers’ Comp Claim Even if I was to Blame for my own Injury?

Workers’ compensation is intended to ensure that you do not suffer financial devastation if you get hurt while doing your job. As a result, the coverage is very broad. Not only do you not need to prove your employer was negligent, but you can even recover benefits if you got hurt in an accident that you caused.

There are limited exceptions, such as if you violate express rules or are intoxicated at the time of your injury. Outside of these special circumstances, however, you can make a workers’ comp claim any time you can show a direct link between a health problem and job tasks.

How can an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help With my Case

Despite the fact that workers’ compensation provides such comprehensive protection for on-the-job injuries, some legitimate claims are still denied. In other cases, your claim may be approved but an employer or insurer may unfairly try to restrict the benefits you actually receive.

You deserve to take full advantage of the protections built into the law. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer at Parsons & Associates, P.C. will help you to deal with your employer, the workers’ comp insurer and even the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. We are here to assist you at every step of a work injury claim and to fight for your right to get the full benefits provided by law. Call or contact us online today to speak with an Atlanta work injury lawyer you can trust.

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