Workers at Risk of Hearing Disorders

Hearing disorders

Workers in the manufacturing, construction and marine industries account for many of the occupational hearing loss cases reported in the United States each year. But hearing loss from exposure to loud noises in the workplace is highly preventable with the use of proper hearing protection.

The number of hearing loss cases reached 869 in 2012, compared with 741 the previous year, according to a report by EHS Today, which cited U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The manufacturing sector includes some of the noisiest workplaces in the world, and not just in the United States. The manufacturing sector accounted for 488 of the 2012 cases, with more than half occurring in metalworking.

The maritime industry accounted for 154 cases in 2012, while 59 cases occurred in the construction sector.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S. workplaces with the greatest risk for occupational hearing-related loss are mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing and hunting. In the mining industry, hearing loss is such a hazard that as many as 27 percent of mining workers are reported to have some degree of hearing loss.

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