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Construction Zones Pose Risks for Motorists, Workers


Construction Zones Pose Risks for Motorists, Workers

Car and Truck Accidents Lawyer

As the road construction season kicks off, the Federal Highway Administration is drawing attention to the need to stay mindful of safety when traveling through work zones. The workers who construct, repair and maintain the nation’s highways perform valuable service that helps motorists travel.  Unfortunately,


Average Pay, Ability to Work Affect Workers’ Comp Benefits

Atlanta workers compensation attorney

The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides benefits to workers who are injured in the scope of employment or become ill as a result of their job. Only an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation attorney can advise you about the specific benefits you may be entitled to


Appealing a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Denial

You may assume that if you are injured on the job, you will receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical treatment and replace your lost wages. But what happens if your claim for benefits is denied?  You have a right to appeal that denial.


Injured Georgia Workers May Seek Compensation from Third Parties

Workers’ Compensation

If you suffer an illness or injury as a result of your employment in Georgia, you may be entitled to benefits through the Georgia workers’ compensation system. Those benefits may include the cost of medical care as well as weekly wage replacement while you are